Volunteer Empowerment Track

Session 1  Volunteer Empowerment: Antoinette Bloomer & Mary Gunther

Session 2  Start with Purpose: Joan Martin & Anna Carrion

Session 3  The Time is Now: Keri Power and Cindy Clarkin

Session 4  Getting Unstuck: An Normand & Phyllis Chan


Session 1  ICCFS Q&A with ICCFS Team

Session 2: Accelerating the Journey: Connecting Curriculum to Practice with Jane Lukachick and Terri McPherson

Session 3:  Speaking Authentically: Limited prep is real life with Brian Eliason

Session 4: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunity, Threats of a Platforms with Julie Rambo

Cultural & Emotional Intelligence

Session 1  Cultural Intelligence: An Normand

  • Why Culture Matters by Tim Keller

  • Four Cultural Intelligence capabilities from CQ center

  • Cultural Intelligence definition:  The capability to function and relate effectively in culturally diverse situations, both domestically and in international contexts.

Session 2  Emotional Intelligence: Mary and Gary Gunther


The Power of the Pause 

Mary Gunther and Faculty


Hospitality Lagniappe

A Little Something Extra
from Louisiana